Topics Of Interest

Criminal Law


Criminal Law encompasses many different forms of legislation, both State and Federal but he rules of Defence remain for the most part the same. Whether you are charged with blue collar crime or white collar crime we can assist you. The most common matters include Drugs offences and paraphernalia, Violence including Assault or Grievous Bodily harm, Traffic including alcohol related offences, Fraud including both minor and major activities;

Commercial and Business

Contract Disputes, Leases & Management, Debt Collection/Bad Debts Company Structures, Employment Contracts/Agreements/Awards, Unfair/Wrongful Dismissal, Harassment, Misappropriation, Franchising, Governance, Public/Private Company Law, Arbitration and mediation, Construction Litigation, Tenders and Contracts, Construction Litigation, Building Disputes;

Family Law

Custody (Residency), Property Settlement, Separation & Divorce, DVO’s, Financial Disputes & Agreements, Child Support & Spouse Maintenance, De-Facto Relationships, Pre-Nuptial and Co-habitation Agreements;


Assisting clients with their personal bankruptcy and or their winding up of their company to acting for clients who are on the active end of such litigation to bring proceedings for the bankruptcy of debtors and the appointment of Trustees and Liquidators in Supreme Court actions to wind up a debtor company.

Intellectual Property

Trade Marks, Patents, Knowledge, Databases, Copyright, Confidentiality Agreements, Distribution Agreements, both in Australia and overseas:


Litigation has many faces and incorporates all aspects of legal proceedings where the Court is left to decide, Civil Matters of financial dispute, arguments as to the interpretation of or breach of Contracts, Unsupplied Goods/Services, Misrepresentation and most commonly debt collection.

Second Opinions

We have an ever enlarging area of practice which is the giving of second Opinions to clients who use other legal practicians but want to be sure that they have made the best decision. What better way than to get a second opinion so that the client can make an informed decision based on more information and alternative outlooks as to what avenues are available to them?

Wills and Estates

Drafting of Wills to include specific provisions such as testamental trusts, life estates and Powers of Attorney including Enduring, Specific and General.


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